The Revelation Of Mystery

02 August 2021

Consider Ephesians 3:1  Chapter three is a long parenthesis and Paul is very hesitant to move unto Chapter four.He is reviewing the never ending grace in chapters one and two. This is seen in how he begins Chapter 4, verse one (Ephesians 4:1).In chapter three, he’s telling us the “how”...

The Greatest Gift Ever

16 July 2021

Consider this analogy;Let’s say you walked into a processing factory that makes biscuits and you stand outside and admire the byproducts of the processes going on inside factory i.e. the smoke on the outside and the sweet aroma from the factory.Then you conclude that this is it.It surely feels great...

The Key Issues Of The Prosperity Gospel

30 June 2021

The focus and whyThe prosperity gospel leaves a curvature of focus curved inward; what can God do or what will He do if I do this? Secondly, it places the focus on the created, and not the creator. Thirdly, it bases my understanding of God’s love on what He gives...

Self Righteousness!

11 August 2020

Christian, if you feel like you are in disfavour with God when you commit certain sins, if you feel like you are “cut off” from God, if you feel like you lost your righteousness when you engage certain sins,YOU ARE SELF -RIGHTEOUS !!!!

The Christian Life!

02 April 2020

I arrived tipsy with liquor on my breath for a wedding meeting of a christian friend! The gum I was chewing failed to conceal the liquor…I was embarassed especially by the malicious glee on the faces of certain brethren! It was about nine years after I had become a christian!..At...