The Greatest Gift Ever

Consider this analogy;
Let’s say you walked into a processing factory that makes biscuits and you stand outside and admire the byproducts of the processes going on inside factory i.e. the smoke on the outside and the sweet aroma from the factory.
Then you conclude that this is it.
It surely feels great to be able to see the smoke and smell the nice aroma!
You don’t get inside to see the actual end product i.e. the pack of biscuits.

This analogy is meant to show how Christians focus on the byproducts and don’t see what God has done in Christ

God found us dead, lacking His Son.
The cross puts an end to one man (Adam), and it offers us death.
We are made alive to God in Christ Jesus at the cross, and are being called to walk in the newness of His life.
This is the greatest miracle/gift ever.