The Christian Life!

I arrived tipsy with liquor on my breath for a wedding meeting of a christian friend! The gum I was chewing failed to conceal the liquor…I was embarassed especially by the malicious glee on the faces of certain brethren! It was about nine years after I had become a christian!..At the start of my walk,the burden to live “like a christian “ was squarely placed on my shoulders.Initially, I lived as “straight “ as I could but I felt a sort of disconnect on the inside,a disintegration,an inner tension that was slowly building!….I was simmering inside like a volcano waiting to erupt!…So,on some days I drank to ease that inner tension!….You see,to the extent of “self righteousness” you rise,to that same extent you will fall in unrighteousness!…The pharisees were the “straightest”,most moralistic bunch,they rose to the climax of self righteousness but eventually fell to lowest depth of wickedness for, they killed the son of God! The issue was that I had been “living straight” but in my own energy & now it was boomeranging on me!…..I sometimes went to church tipsy;At other times I went through the day tipsy or drunk!….You see, the Christian life properly understood,is about letting Christ be the source of all your goodness; its about being a ZERO so that CHRIST can be the EVERYTHING !!!