The Revelation Of Mystery

Consider Ephesians 3:1 

Chapter three is a long parenthesis and Paul is very hesitant to move unto Chapter four.
He is reviewing the never ending grace in chapters one and two. This is seen in how he begins Chapter 4, verse one (Ephesians 4:1).
In chapter three, he’s telling us the “how” of entering in our unbelievable wealth which is our union with Christ. The word mystery doesn’t mean that which cannot be known. It means that which cannot be known apart from revelation.

It’s not that Paul got a hold of this revelation and now the mystery was an open secret to the church. Paul was not acting as a surrogate or substitute for the church but he was illustrating how all saints are to enter  their unbelievable wealth.
He got the mystery by revelation, that’s why he entered in to enjoy his union with Christ. 
God opened his eyes  to it.
It reminds me of  David who prayed;
Lord open my eyes so that I may behold wondrous things  in your law.  (Psalms 119:18)
Paul entered by revelation and so all of us enter in by revelation.

The very least of the saints had access to this tremendous wealth.
By calling himself least of the saints ,he’s not cutting himself down nor is he trafficking in false humility.
In 1Cor 15:9-10, 2Cor 12:11, 1Tim 1:15, he calls himself the least of the apostles, a nobody and a chief of all sinners.
Paul is not misrepresenting  himself  to drive a point home.
We all like to think of Paul as top-brass.
He’s God’s illustration of a new covenant christian.
Why is Paul held in such high regard in our minds?
Is it because he seems to have a handle on everything?
Is he an example of victory?
Is it because of his life and all the wonderful  identification truths  he pours out in the book of Romans?
Is it because he seemed to be on the inside with a direct hotline to the heavenlies?

The apostle of grace was not using a figure of speech.
God reached down to the bottom of the bottomest  when he saved Paul.
I believe Paul was the hardest case God ever saved.
The worst of the worst of worst and the vilest of the vile.
So why do we idolise St.Paul?
When we enter we realize that it’s impossible to live the christian life by any human strength.

This is what Paul is saying, it’s so full of encouragement!
If he’s the least of the least and God opened his eyes to the mystery i.e union with  Christ, then no Christian in any age or generation should despair.
God can take us into the experience of  our wealth.

Paul entered not because he was special  or  a great christian but because God graciously opened his eyes.
God lifted  Paul, he can lift us too.